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Solo books by MH


practicing oral history to improve outcomes for refugees and host communities

A worldwide survey of the subject and a hands-on manual for university courses, public service professionals and NGOs.
Being published by Routledge in late 2019.

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practicing oral history to improve public policies
and programs

A manual and guide for academic courses and for professionals in government and NGOs, with detailed case studies from around the world. Draws on the author's fifteen years of practice at involving communities in shaping public policy. Published by Routledge across the English-speaking world in October 2017.         

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Savoir-faire des anciens, hier et demain

Ethnographic study of a French Mediterranean village. Two-year collaboration with an amazing 88-year-old hunter, shepherd and wine-grower, Monsieur René Marty (right). 170 pages. Written in French, published by Cahiers de la Salce, France, 2016. Sold out. 

Cliquez ici pour entendre la voix de René Marty qui raconte des anecdotes du livre Savoir-faire des Anciens - Un village des Corbières Maritimes, hier et demain        Lire un extrait du livre (en français)  

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The English-language version - Wisdom of the Elders, Learning Ecology in a French Mediterranean Village - will be published and widely available in 2019. An Introduction from Dr Mark Singleton of the London School of Economics shows the urgency of applying Monsieur Marty's principles in our own twenty-first century lives, wherever we are. And practical self-help tools show readers how to apply this grounded ecological wisdom hands-on as part of their own lifestyle, whether in town or country.  


Savoir-faire des anciens, hier et demain (Limited edition hardback, Oxford)

Collectors' limited edition. Luxury full-colour, extra-large hardback published by Onslaught Books, Oxford.
Produced by publishing lecturer Dr Mathew Staunton at Universite de la Sorbonne, Paris.

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Asylum under dreaming spires - Refugees' lives in Cambridge today

Life-histories of refugees, and their perspectives on the host society. Includes testimonies of Syrian war-refugees from the camps. Published in partnership with University of East London's Living Refugee Archive, Feb 2017. 

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Cambridge Editions & Cambridge University Press, 2007. Poetic texts on passionate experiences of landscape and the body. Bilingual in English and French, with some Gaelic and Occitan. The photo shows Hoffman's companion-piece to one of the poems, a sculpture in paper, twig and cloth called Raft of Words.

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The Fleurs Series

2004 edition out of print; reprinting in later 2017.
A trilogy of literary criticism on the nineteenth-century Paris of Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. Written while a Visiting Scholar at King's College, Cambridge University; adaptation of a PhD thesis. 
Vol 1.   Que J’Aime Voir, the Eye and the Gaze in Les Fleurs du Mal
Vol 2.   Battant Les Murs, Space and Place in Les Fleurs du Mal
Vol 3.   Son Mouchoir et Ses Gants, Material Things in Les Fleurs du Mal

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In the Eagle’s Eye - Dans l’Oeil de l’Aigle

Fiction expressing the the layers of culture and mythology in the French Mediterranean hills where Hoffman spends part of the year. Bilingual in English and French, with drawings by MH; in progress for a French publisher. Right, view from her study there, where the book is being written.

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In books with others

Territoires de l'Eau. The anthropology and phenomenology of water, especially in cultures that are surrounded by it. Bilingual, published by Cahiers de la Salce, France, 2014

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Human Rights and Good Governance - Building Bridges, Danish Institute of Human Rights & Martinus Press, 2000. Building civil society frameworks, especially in developing countries. Used as a degree-text at the University of Lund, Sweden.

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Location and Dislocation in Contemporary Irish Society - Emigration and Irish Identities, Cork University Press, 1997. The politics and sociology of Irish identities in the UK.

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Cross-Currents in European Literature, University College Dublin Press, 1993. Essays on European literature and philosophy.

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Western Buddhist Poetry, Windhorse Press, 1998
Texts on being a meditator in the western world



A Century of Scholarship, National University of Ireland Press, 2008
Anthology about award-winning academics, including a section on the work of MH





Book by Richard Hoffman

Independent reviewers have assessed the award-winning The Mediterranean Diet - Health and Science as the world’s leading book in its field.

Dr Richard Hoffman is a medical scientist and Registered Nutritionist at the University of Hertfordshire. A prolific writer on the science of health, he is co-owner of the Bordeaux Writers’ Centre.