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Feature in French newspaper L'Independant, South of France, on Hoffman's 2016 book with an 88-year-old French shepherd, Savoir-faire des Anciens (click on article to enlarge it)

Touching a nerve with the public, the book was unexpectedly popular and sold out in a few weeks. A last copy or two may still be available from these French bookshops (click on them to visit their beautiful websites - next best thing to being there!): 
L'An Demain 
Entrez Libres
The publishers plan a second edition in 2017. 

Broadcasts & media

  • Interviews on BBC2 TV, Channel 4 TV, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, Women’s Hour

  • Features on MH’s work in The Guardian, The Independent (UK) and L'Independant (France)

  • Series of six broadcasts on theatre for The Arts Show, Muster Radio

  • Winner, as part of 4-person film-making team, of Moviemaker Award at National Film Theatre, South Bank, London

  • Dozens of articles in the local government press

Sample of conference papers, articles & commissioned reports

On cultural studies

The author, tired but happy after a day's windsurfing

The author, tired but happy
after a day's windsurfing

  • Feature on Hoffman's work in ethnographic and applied oral history in the British Journal of the Oral History Society, Autumn 2016

  • 'Les sages paroles de l'ancien', review of Hoffman's book Savoir-faire de l'Ancien in L'Independant newspaper, France, Sept 2016 (above, left)

  • 'Gooseworld', eco-poetry in a special edition of The Goose, Journal of Arts, Environment and Culture in Canada, 2016

  • 'Ecological knowledge - Green knowing and doing in the French hills', for a conference on Literature and the Environment at Cambridge University, 2015

  • ‘Sacred bodies - Objects on the body and material culture in rural Irish Catholicism’, for Notre Dame University, USA

  • ‘Ní bheidh ár leithéidí ann arís' - A brief ethnography of the Gaelic-speaking Blasket Islanders' for 'The Idea of Heritage - Past, present and future' conference of the University of York

  • 'The national mind - How culture and language shape worldview', for Cambridge University

  • 'The culture of the city - gazes, objects and space in Baudelaire', for Cambridge University

  • 'Recycling our hegemonies - Cultural slippage and identities in the twenty-first century', for a conference at Aberdeen University

  • 'Laughing at the apocalypse - Tasks of healing and humanising in twenty-first century culture', for University College Cork

  • 'Patterns of experience - Loss, archetypes and myths of the Irish psyche' in The Irish Reporter journal

  • 'The Buddhist perspective' in Urthona Journal of Western Buddhist Arts

On social and political science

The old library in hoffman's village in France

The old library in hoffman's village in France

  • 'Using oral history to improve public policies and programs', for the annual conference of the American Oral History Association, Minneapolis

  • 'Resistance and belonging - Dilemmas for migrant lives in Cambridge', for a conference at the Centre for Refugees, Migration & Belonging , University of East London

  • ‘Life histories and coaching as tools for building leadership in excluded communities’, for Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath

  • 'Making Voices Count - Community empowerment, a case-study', for British Government Homes & Communities Department

  • ‘The challenges of building civic participation among underprivileged communities', for British Government Homes & Communities Department

  • 'Human rights and good governance - The potentials', used as a degree syllabus text by Law Faculty, University of Lund, Sweden

  • 'Governance and ethical standards in non-governmental organisations worldwide - a compendium', for Transparency International

  • 'Access to higher education funding across the developing world - A comprehensive survey', report for Transparency International

  • 'Global public policy networks tackling corruption', research report compiled for Transparency International, for use in a publication by the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace

  • 'Corruption as national crisis - Ireland and the Flood Tribunals', for Transparency International

  • 'Tackling economic inequality as a route to better race relations', for the Chartered Institute of Housing

  • ‘Strategies for boosting participation in democracy amidst recession and austerity’, for the Chartered Institute of Housing

  • 'Innovative, creative strategies for boosting civic participation in excluded communities', for Cambridge City Council

  • 'Anti-Irish racism and stereotypes' in The Guardian, UK

  • 'Best practice in building civic participation - a masterclass', Capita Public Sector Knowledge conference

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